Holistic Nutrition for Expats and Global Nomads

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I am a holistic nutrition consultant who graduated with honors from the Bauman College Holistic Nutrition program in California. I have also received certificates in Ayurvedic Diet, Nutrition and Cookery from the Kerala Ayurveda Academy in India.

For the past 18 years, I have also worked as a global event producer. I have led international teams producing live events, press conferences, and executive meetings in over 30 markets including Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Myanmar, Bhutan, South Africa, Thailand and Japan. 

I hold academic degrees from Vassar College and Stanford University. I have also completed additional studies in Russia (JYA in Moscow), Germany (Slavic Studies and Indology in Bonn), India (Advanced Hindi in Varanasi), Japan (Traditional Japanese Arts and Japanese language in Kyoto), and Iran (Persian language in Tehran).

With over two decades of international experience, I have a unique insight into the composite challenges that individuals and families face when relocating to a new culture. My goal is to help expats find a comfort zone within a new food landscape and eating culture. I also coach towards an overall balance between optimal nutrition, stress management, work, hobbies and daily life. 

I am passionate about helping people from diverse backgrounds achieve their wellness goals and reap the most positive experiences from life/work in a new location. My own cooking and eating philosophies are inspired by the seasonal foods and culinary specialities I encounter at local markets during my travels.  I divide my time between Germany, India, and Northeastern USA and offer in-person and/or Skype consultations globally. 

I look forward to working with you!

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(Photo credits: Thorsten Weigl and Jason Kassab-bachi)