Holistic Nutrition for Expats and Global Nomads

Relocation & resilience

Congratulations on your new adventure! 

By now you have probably sorted your housing, transportation and new workplace. Do you feel a bit lost figuring out how to eat well and stay healthy in your new home? It can be daunting to balance nutritious meals, stress management, and overall health when you've just moved around the world. I help expats and global nomads navigate the local food landscape to eat well, feel great, and have fun with culinary adventures!

I offer:

· Guided tours of local markets, grocery stores, and speciality shops. You will learn about seasonal fruits and vegetables, healthy choices in locally available cooking oils/fats, dairy, fish and meats, grains, pulses and spices, as well as beverages. I'll introduce you to vendors and provide you with cooking tips and nutritional information on available foods. 

· A wellness playbook on local food, exercise, and wellness resources. 

· Training for your household help to select the best products and prepare healthy and hygienic meals.

·  Weekend cooking workshops or longer out-of-town culinary tours.

·  Survival tips for healthy meals while traveling and eating out.

I also offer resilience building programs for your team:

·  Hands-on cooking classes. Team cooking is a fun way to build cultural bridges between local and expat staff. We will prepare a healthy and delicious multi-course meal using local seasonal ingredients.

·  Group discussions on local wellness challenges and solutions. The group dynamic offers an opportunity to share personal experiences and reinforce a sense of community. I guide your team members towards sustainable changes to food, exercise and lifestyle habits that help build resilience in the workplace.

·  Educational lectures with handouts on topics such as:

     o   Fundamentals of good nutrition

     o   Balancing your blood sugar

     o   Balancing your moods

     o   Managing stress and fatigue

     o   Digestive issues

     o   Gaining energy and losing weight

     o   Women’s health and nutrition

     o   Getting involved - supporting local farmers and the environment

Traditional lunch during a team building in Bhutan.

Traditional lunch during a team building in Bhutan.

Summer market offerings in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Summer market offerings in Baku, Azerbaijan.